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June 13, 2006


the REAL Steven Joniak

Whoever is posing as ME is FAKE - please STOP impersonating me and linking to my site. I'm sure the show was cool and all but have the guts and originality to post your OWN name and site-

Steven Joniak

yeah, did you see vesa's blog? he did some freaky show in helsinki for l'oreal. seems like the fashion industry really gets to put on some great events with creative people.


yeah, rocking event. wish we knew what it was for. do they have wombat packs in the usa?

steve crandal

yah, great event. what was it for? you should write the story about the photo. then we would all know more of what you are doing.

julien taylor

wow! great event! where can i get wombat packs?

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